Take It From the Top: Wesley’s Stace’s “Misfortune”

Wesley Stace: Misfortune

“By now, Pharaoh had reached his destination. A dirty young man of no more than fifteen years, he stood at the door of a crooked house in an alley, out of breath, gasping for air and wondering what to do. On one foot, he wore an oversized woman’s boot he’d found while scavenging for nails at low tide. On the other was a tattered derby tided together with string that bit viciously into his instep, though he barely noticed. On his head flopped a ragged cloth, with little shape or apparent purpose, and in between his top and his toes, his costume comprised a patchwork of tears and mends in at least three materials from many more pieces of previously worn clothing.”

– the opening lines of Wesley Stace’s 2005 novel, “Misfortune”

Singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding (aka Wesley Stace) will perform at The Egg in Albany at 8pm on Friday, opening the show for fellow songwriter-novelist Josh Ritter. Tix are $34.50.

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