Lights, Camera, Action: The Palace Theatre’s Movie Series


Once a grand old movie house, the Palace Theatre in Albany has become concert hall, hosting a wide variety of bands, shows and musicians – from Alice Cooper to the Albany Symphony Orchestra to Sesame Street Live.

But about once a month, the Palace still shows films on the big screen. The new season of Palace Theatre movies kicks off on Monday with the annual Halloween screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Here’s the full line-up for the Palace’s 2011-2012 film season:

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
with the Kids You Picked On in High School live shadowcast
1975, 95 minutes, Rated R
Monday, October 24 at 7pm

“Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan”
1982, 113 minutes, Rated PG
Monday, November 21 at 7pm
$5; kids $3

“It’s a Wonderful Life”
1946, 129 minutes, not rated
Friday, December 23 at 7pm
$5; kids $3

“Mary Poppins”
1964, 139 minutes, Rated G
Monday, December 26 at 3pm
$5; kids $3

Three Stooges Film Festival
Various running times, not rated
Monday, January 23 at 7pm
$5; kids $3

“Office Space”
1999, 89 minutes, Rated R
Monday, February 27 at 7pm
$5; kids $3

“The Bad News Bears”
1976, 102 minutes, Rated PG
Monday, March 26 at 7pm
$5; kids $3

“Dr. No”
1962, 110 minutes, PG
Monday, April 30 at 7pm
$5; kids $3

“Grease” (Sing-Along)
1978, 110 minutes, Rated PG-13
Monday, May 14 at 7pm
$7; kids $5

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