Be Here Now: Ancient Greek Satyr Play “Dionysia,” Reinvented by L.A.’s Poor Dog Group at EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]

Dionysia (photo: Poor Dog Group)
Dionysia (photo: Poor Dog Group)

Those who are fortunate enough to discuss the ancient foundations of theatre with Kate Maguire, Artistic Director of the Berkshire Theatre Group, discover just how passionate she is about the Greek Plays. She stresses their role in defining theatre, but laments how little known they are, and how infrequently performed, especially in our region. “Just about every modern play draws from the same basic concepts invented millennia ago,” she once reminded me.

A good example of what she meant might be Dionysia which will receive two state-of-the-art performances in Troy at RPI’s EMPAC on November 11 and 12, 2011. It’s the East Coast premiere. Berkshire on Stage will see and review it.

So some warm thanks go to EMPAC at RPI in Troy for not only giving us a chance to see what a great Greek play looks like, but updating it with the contemporary Los Angeles based Poor Dog Group which is now in residence there. What is old and traditional will be made fresh and exciting by this company. One of things about EMPAC is how brilliantly they blend technological innovations into classic theatre. This makes the performance on stage incomparable, and a three dimensional full tilt experience that television and even film simply still can not accurately replicate.

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