Review Round-up: It’s a “Lulu”!


Let’s face it, today’s music scene is more fractured and splintered than ever before. But “Lulu” – the recently released double-album collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica – seems to have done the impossible, uniting music fans and critics alike.

They all hate it.

So we took a spin around the web and surveyed a few of the reviews that are pouring in. Here’s what we found:

Stewart Berman @ Pitchfork: “For most of the record, Lou Reed and Metallica barely sound like they’re on the same planet, let alone in the same room.”

Chad Grischow @ IGN: “Calling the song (‘Mistress Dread’), and much of the rest of the album, a ‘difficult listen’ is giving it too much credit. Rather, it is as if they are trying to see how much of this audio nightmare you can take before you turn it off.”

Kevin Kaber @ UWM Post: “The undesirable collaboration of Lou Reed and Metallica, otherwise known as Loutallica, is an unfortunate combination of already successful but aged musicians at best. At worst, it’s an awful and uncreative mess, along the likes of an elderly crackpot yelling at his neighbor’s boring garage band.”

Greg Kot @ The Chicago Tribune: “His (Reed’s) lyrics for ‘Lulu’ verge on self-parody, a series of blunt objects that make ‘Saw IV’ seem nuanced and humane.”

Allison Stewart @ The Washington Post: “It may not be rock history’s worst album, but it’s almost certainly the most ridiculous; a somber, self-satisfied, misogynistic mess that is the aural equivalent of having a rock dropped on your head, an experience that might actually be preferable.”

Wayne Parry @ Associated Press: “I’m still not sure if this is the worst piece of junk to be produced in album form in the last 20 years, or genius at a level so brilliant it’s beyond my mere mortal capacity to appreciate it. But I’m still leaning toward the former.”

Jeff Loudon @ Greenbush Life: “I’m sorry to say it isn’t even worth listening to once. Take the album, stick it in your blender and press the liquify button; you’ll be doing yourself a favor. At least the dreadful noise created by that should only last twenty seconds or so.”

  1. Kirsten says

    My favorite’s the Chuck Klosterman review:

    “It sounds like what it is: an elderly misanthrope reciting paradoxical aphorisms over a collection of repetitive, adrenalized sludge licks…. It is not a successful record. It might be a successful simulation of how it feels to develop schizophrenia while suffering from a migraine, although slightly less melodic.”

  2. Andy M. says

    Finally, something for the critics to hate more than “Metal Machine Music”!

  3. Stanley Johnson says

    For me, Lou makes albums to either love or hate, with not much in the middle. It’s hard to believe the same guy who did Rock and Roll Animal did Metal Machine Music. But there’s also White Light White Heat: poorly recorded, out of tune, sung and played as if the band were on heroin, yet brilliant in the stories and pictures created by the sound. This new one, perhaps, is a Sad Song indeed.

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