Hank Williams III, What Do You Listen to When You Clean the House?

Hank 3
Hank 3

“That’s been happening a lot these days. My old lady, after 11 years, has done picked up and moved on, so I’ve been doing a little bit more of that. Every time we’re loading gear and getting ready for the road, it’s always Black Sabbath. Whenever I’m running around the house, doing daily chores, it can be anything from AC/DC to Jimmy Martin. This is gonna catch you a little strange – a lot of what I wake up to in the morning is Gary Numan.”

Hank Williams III – also known simply as Hank3 – comes roaring back to Northern Lights in Clifton Park on Sunday night. The evening includes a screening of the film “Kuntry Hellbilly Doom,” as well as Hank3 fronting three different bands – a country set, a louder, rowdier set by Hellbilly and a closing set by his new metal/doom band, Attention Deficit Domination. Showtime is 8pm, and tix are $16 in advance; $18 at the door.

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  1. Alan G. says

    $16 tix for a three hour show and $2 PBRs (if the club still has ’em) is a lotta bang for the buck, let me tell ya!

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