CANCELLED: Guns N’ Roses @ Times Union Center, 11/23/11


To absolutely no one’s surprise, the Guns N’ Roses concert scheduled for the Times Union Center on Wednesday (November 23) has been cancelled.

“Due to production issues beyond the venue’s control, Magic City Productions and the Times Union Center are forced to cancel the appearance of Guns N’ Roses set to take place on November 23, 2011,” said Stu Green, Magic City Productions. “We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Refunds are available at the place of purchase.

  1. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Hey let’s pile on Guns and Roses.

    For what it’s worth I saw the 2nd original line-up in LA back in the spring of ’86 Pre-Geffen record deal. I’m pretty sure I am alone in that distinction with-in Nipper town’s county line. At that time they were a pretty great Aerosmith cover band in my estimation.

    Of course, it was not the original line-up. If only I had gotten to LA in ’85 and caught one of the three shows with original-original members Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, along with Tracii Guns(lead guitar), Ole Beich(bass)and Rob Gardner(drums)had played.

    “50 take Adler” was the first/fourth to go, Izzy left of his own accord, so by ’90 -91 you were already up to version mach 4 and 5 give or take a Dizzy. So many fans give lip service to Duff but it’s not that self-admitted self-medicated hack you miss. You all want Slash, if want him sans Rose you had Velvet Revolver and all that junkie business. If you want to see your guitar hero in a big venue Youtube his Black Eyed Peas – Super Bowl performance (temp work of the Stars). Don’t get me wrong Slash is a MoFo on the fret-board, the Fripp of hard rock. But You aint gonna see him in a version of G&R anytime soon. Izzy is a more likely classic reunion candidate, but in the meantime bone up on his 11 post G&R LPs, not a week sister in the bunch!

    In the past-prime classic-rock normo-dome pantheon The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd resemble there “original line-up” only slightly. Journey and the Scorpions should have even worse MoJo than G&R. And don’t get me started on the Australian Pink Floyd experience. Yet Gun’s and Roses are more often made whipping boys.

    Axl is just a singer in a rock and roll band, I don’t care to defend or crucify him. But it’s G&R who in these troubled times provides employment to Tommy Stinson(the Replacements) that’s is not the worst thing that could happen. In addition my good friend Frank Ferrer(The Beautiful, Love Spit Love) has been on the G&R drum throne for about the same tenure as both Adler and his replacement Matt Scorum. He’s a good guy and one hell of a drummer; he deserves this level of success.

    That said, it’s not Guns and Roses that was to play tonight, it’s The Chinese Democracy G&R, that was to perform. It is the cancellations of shows like tonight’s that have kept this very different version of the band playing sold out shows overseas for years and out of the US. So pile on because you don’t know!

    Full disclosure my name is Matt Mac Haffie and I write for Nippertown.

  2. Normando says

    Matt – could you provide a similar line-up analysis, with charts, of Wu-Tang Clan?

  3. Gene says

    I’m still waiting for a reasonable explanation for the sudden change in Partridge Family drummers.

  4. Scott C. says

    A friend of mine who attended the Ray Davies concert at The Egg on Tuesday went to a nearby hotel bar downtown and saw not only Ray Davies (who greeted his fans graciously) but also…ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach, who was evidently in town early to NOT open for Guns N’ Roses on Wednesday as scheduled. The life of a rock star!

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