First SPAC Show of 2012 Is Announced…

Yeah, there’s not even any snow on the ground yet, but Live Nation is already gearing up for another summer season of rock shows at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in 2012.

The first SPAC show announced for next summer is…


OK, who’s psyched?!?

That’s right, Yanni will be bustin’ a move at SPAC at 7:30pm on Tuesday, June 12 for a pavilion-only concert. Which means no lawn seats for Yanni? Really?

Priced at $39.50, $49.50, $79/50 and $99.50 – and let’s not forget the VIP pit seats for $125 – tix are slated to go on sale to the general public at 10am on Saturday, December 17.

Please, don’t all rush out and get in line immediately.

  1. Captain Kane says

    That video made my day

  2. Dina says

    I’ve forgotten who Yanni even is….

  3. Greg says

    Yanni is the master of the pan flute, right? No, wait. That’s Zamfir. Or are they actually the same person? I’m not sure…

  4. Theresa says

    sponsored by Preparation H

  5. Alan G. says


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