RIP: The Jonesville Store

Jonesville Store

OK, the Jonesville Store in Clifton Park hasn’t actually breathed its last breath quite yet, but you’ve only got two and a half weeks left til the doors are closed for good.

The Jonesville Store is closing for business effective January 1, 2012.

For the past five years, it’s been a pretty fab eatery, of course, but it’s also been an art gellery exhibiting the work of local artists, as well as a performance venue showcasing some of Nippertown’s finest acoustic acts.

Many of those same musicians will be dropping by the Jonesville Store on Saturday, December 31 for one final farewell fling. Or as the Store’s Ben Travis calls it, “a New Year’s Eve close-down, throw-down, hoe-down… a ‘Last Waltz,’ set up as an open mic for any and all of our loyal musicians who have graced the stage at The Store.” The hoe-down will get underway in mid-afternoon – probably around 3 or 4pm – so that the musicians can head to other New Year’s Eve gigs later that night.

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  1. J Hunter says

    ARRRRRRGH! The best place for a light Sunday lunch (Emphasis on “light”) in the Capital Region! DAMN it!

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