Best of 2011: Timothy Reidy’s Top 10 Albany Performances

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

Restoration Festival @ St. Joseph’s Church, August
One of the most amazing shows of my life. The Sunday performances really stood out, highlighted by We Are Jeneric, a strong opening by Slender Shoulders and a super closer by Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned.

Local Harvest Festival @ Washington Park, October
Ben KN started strong with a luscious park set, and Matthew Carefully and Olivia Quillio kept up with the pace.

Times Union Center, May
ZZ Top was the best well-known performance I saw this year, and Lynyrd Skynyrd did what they do best.

Tulip Festival @ Washington Park, May (Sunday)
Even though the Sam Roberts Band was the best act over the weekend, the amphitheater stage had some good vibes, plus Blotto gave its warmest performance of the year. (See his photographs)

99 Pine Street, September (Friday)
This performance art work was amazing with new experiences around every corner.

431 Delaware Avenue, February
An art / music show was well attended with a collaborative vibe.

PearlPalooza, North Pearl Street, September
This show showcased some exciting local performances with Around the World and Back, Wild Adriatic, Ten Year Vamp and Timbre Coup. Add Company of Thieves and Locksley, and a fun time was had by all.

Valentine’s Music Hall, New Year’s Eve, December-January
This show brought 2011 in style and grit, starring Barons in the Attic, Steer, Summer People and more.

Grand Street Community Arts, June
The Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars kept the folks from Albany and New York dancing all night long. A fun surprise. (Read his review)

Jillian’s, February
The crazy partiers the Constellations shook up Albany, while Northern Water Snake and Alta Mira opened in style. (See his photographs)

Review, photograph and video by Timothy Reidy, Nippertown contributor


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