Other Voices, Other Rooms

From Barre.me: Photographer Sebastien Barre has posted quite an array of astonishing photos from the concert by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Times Union Center in Albany on Monday, December 26. Wow!

From CRUMBS Blog: All week long Andy Gregory has been posting lists of local original music that was released throughout 2011. It’s mighty impressive. “Through two computer crashes & some re-assembly, I think I got together a pretty impressive tally,” says Gregory. “By my count, there were over 120 releases in some form of musical product from Capital Region musicians, bands and artists.” Check it out.

From Arts Talk: Everybody’s a critic. Michael Janairo tells you how.

From Indie Albany: Recent Albany-to-Des Moines transplant J. Eric Smith offers an up-close look at Iowa’s Caucus Day.

From Kevin Marshall’s America: Kevin Marshall takes note of The Wall Street Journal’s recent story (with photographs by Albany’s Laura Glazer) on Phillip Patterson’s ongoing effort to transcribe the King James Bible by hand.

From Foss Forward: Sara Foss looks back at 2011 and reveals her Top 10 Movies, Top 5 Albums and Top 8 Concerts.

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