Darrah Carr To Put Contemporary Spin on Irish Step Dancing January 21 @ MASS MoCA [Berkshire on Stage]

Darrah Carr
Darrah Carr

Over the years traditional dance doesn’t seem to change much, but every now and then it takes a giant leap forward. Lord of the Dance blended old Irish dance elements with new to great acclaim. Yet it remained true to its roots.

In a few weeks you will be able to witness another, somewhat subtler take on it.

Darrah Carr Dance, an ensemble that blends Irish step dance with modern dance vocabulary, will step, jump, and fly at MASS MoCA on Saturday, January 21, 2012, at 8PM in Club B-10 as part of the popular Alt Cabaret series. Since 1998, Darrah Carr Dance has incorporated Irish music and step dance footwork with contemporary choreography and spatial patterns to present a bold new twist on conventional Irish dance. As The New York Times described it, “Carr’s immensely likable and skillful dancers move with a space-gobbling buoyancy and openness that looks as if they might take flight.”

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