Birth of a Band: Zammuto to debut at Mass MoCA [Berkshire on Stage]

Nick Zammuto
Nick Zammuto

You’re going to hear something truly different, and exciting, on February 3 at Mass MoCA. His name is Nick and his band’s name is Zammuto. If the tree of music has many branches, the one that Nick Zammuto occupies is high up, standing out from all the rest as it seeks more sun. Its gnarly, intertwined tendrils incorporate both classic musical roots and light-seeking new sprigs that sprout from the oddest places. Nick Zammuto is more than just an accomplished musician. He is also immensely theatrical.

As Zammuto’s sound collages reveal themselves, our own imagination kicks in, creating all sorts of possible story threads. His music is no longer outside us, but inside, as we follow his lead, embracing it as it evolves and develops. A drum lick turns into a metronome, suggesting the passage of time, then become more passionate a few seconds later. Telephone messages become heartbreaking slices-of-life that we have somehow intruded upon. We become part of the creation, and it becomes part of us. What a trip.

Indeed, he is musician whose main appeal is to the mind, rather than the more atavistic appeal of typical rock bands where they go for the gonads. His musical reach is vimineous, and those of us in the Berkshires are going to be able to preview the next chapter in his creative life when he appears at Mass MoCA on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 8:00 pm.

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