Other Voices, Other Rooms

From Albany Poets: Dan Wilcox reports from the annual Tom Nattell Memorial Beret Toss and the subsequent Poets Speak Loud reading at McGeary’s.

From Barre.Me: Sebastien Barre is taking a new angle with his wonderful photography blog. In addition to showcasing his own photo work, he’s also shining a light on the work of some of his other favorite Local 518 photographers, beginning with an in-depth interview and showcase of Justin Higgins.

From Paste Magazine: The Top 20 Half-time Super Bowl Tweets

From Friday Puppy: Carlene wonders about a pepper spray attack at Jillian’s last Saturday during a show by Ten Year Vamp…

From Chuck Miller: On this week’s edition of K-Chuck Radio, Chuck plays the name game – spinning lesser-known bands with the same name as a more famous group, including the Beat, the Temptations and Albany’s own Misfits.

From Indie Albany: J.Eric Smith crunches the numbers for this year’s Academy Award nominations

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