Turtle Island Quartet plays Jimi Hendrix at the Colonial [Berkshire on Stage]


Guitar and controlled feedback master Jimi Hendrix reinterpreted for a string quartet? Hearing is believing. We are in for a real adventure in creativity as classical/jazz fusion trendsetters, the Turtle Island Quartet celebrates the music of Hendrix with their dynamic Have You Ever Been…? program on Friday, February 17th at 8 pm at The Colonial Theatre. This innovative classical quartet defies musical definition by reaching across musical genres and creating a sound never heard before. Just take a listen to this reinterpretation of “House Burning Down”. Hendrix created a blues style that was unique, and shines through here.

Through their exploration of jazz, classical, American vernacular and world music styles, the Turtle Island Quartet has taken its audiences on a journey through many musical genres, eras, and places—the American landscape, Latin America, Europe and India to name a few. Now, the two time Grammy® winning quartet is tackling works by legendary guitarist, songwriter and performer Jimi Hendrix as well as other compositions reflective of and inspired by Hendrix’s music including Turtle Island Quartet founder David Balakrishnan’s new composition “Tree of Life.”

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