FLASHBACK FOTO: Name the Band! Win a Prize!

Flashback Foto

YEAH! We had a winner in last week’s contest!

And it’s Thursday once again, which means that it’s time for another new installment of FLASHBACK FOTO, and you’ve got another chance to play. As usual, we went digging, digging, digging through the vast underground Nippertown archive bunker to unearth yet another fabulous band promo photo from years gone by.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Spectrum 8 Theatres in Albany, we’re giving away a FREE PAIR OF MOVIE PASSES to the 4th commenter who correctly identifies this band. Please keep in mind that all of the weekly Flashback Fotos are of local Nippertown bands of yesteryear, which should help steer you away from guesses like the Cranberries, the Raspberries and the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

To make it fair, comments on this post won’t show up until we announce the winner on Monday (or Tuesday) afternoon. One comment per person, please, and be sure to leave your correct, working email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats! We have a winner. The answer is THE RUDE GIRLS. Check out Lyn Hardy’s comment below for further info on the band…

  1. hojohifive says

    rude girls?

  2. Joseph Deuel says

    Rude Girls

  3. Bill says

    Four Bitchin’ Babes.

  4. Dona Frank-Federico says

    Rude Girls

  5. iamadog says

    The Rude Girls of course.

  6. michael eck says

    Nice hairdo, Selma! That’s the Rude Girls (quartet version).

  7. Lyn Hardy says

    RUDE GIRLS! I’m the second from the left!

  8. lyn Hardy says

    Lyn Hardy RUDE GIRLS were born to sing and play together. They sing real songs about real people and perform these ballads with electrifying vocal harmonies that will lift you right out of your chair! Lyn Hardy (lead vocals, guitar), Selma Kaplan (piano, vocals) and Diane Sanabria (5 string & tenor banjos, guitar, vocals) are each accomplished and versatile musicians. Together they create a powerful explosion of joyful music and silliness which encourages audiences to cast off the chains of “niceness” and indulge their rude urges! RUDE GIRLS bring a unique sense of drama and wickedly funny repartee to the stage. A typical concert includes wonderful renditions of the GIRLS’ favorite classic country gems, mountain ballads, contemporary songs, original material and snappy banjo tunes. Their warm humor, outstanding musicianship and great songs about life, love and strong women are sure to leave the crowd thinking, laughing, and singing! WHAT’S BEEN SAID ABOUT RUDE GIRLS: “Rude Girl’s focus on women’s concerns, world peace and other social issues is direct and to the point. Their down to earth humor, excellent musicianship and a hint of cabaret-style theatricality make them crowd pleasers.” Silo/Alkazar Newsletter “Wherever they schlep to, go see them. Rude Girls are a treasure.” Barbara Melville – Glens Falls Chronicle “Sizzling heartwarming music-don’t let the name scare you. They’re really quite harmless.” Maryann Snell – Amherst Bulletin “Powerful and joyful music. Silliness and plenty of surprises.” Knicherbocker News “A swift kink in the butt to acoustic music.” Chris Hamel – Springfield Morning Union “What do you like in your music, technical perfection, diversity of styles, originality, outstanding vocals, honesty, courage? Well sit up and pay attention, because the Rude Girls are about to burst upon the scene, embodying all these principles and more!” Bob Sawyer – The Valley Advocate

  9. Janis says

    The Bangles

  10. Janis says

    i just realized that it a local band… i’ll have to say the diaper rash… (very wild guess)

  11. Mike says

    That’s the Rude Girls. Donna Hebert was in the original group.

  12. Selma Kaplan says

    Hey! I’m officially a has-been!
    Rude Girls!
    Official disclaimer: I was one.

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