Linda & Pauly: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Local 518 music scene has always had its share of competition. And while a little healthy competition is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s even better when players on the music scene engage in a little co-operation instead.

And that’s just what’s happening at the corner of Central Avenue and Quail Street in Albany, where WAMC-FM’s performing arts studio The Linda is on one corner, and Pauly’s Hotel is just across the street.

Starting tonight – with the launch of a new American Roots concert series at The Linda – if you show your ticket stub from The Linda at the door at Pauly’s Hotel, admission is FREE.

That’s two shows for the price of one. Not bad, eh?

And tonight is a perfect musical match-up to kick-off the new co-operative policy. Western singer-songwriter Martha Scanlan and the Levon Helm Band’s Amy Helm and Byron Isaacs join American Roots host band Dan Johnson & His Expert Sidemen at The Linda at 8pm ($18), while Pauly’s is hosting the Albany debut of the Berkshire-based old-school country western band the Spurs USA.

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