There’s a New Organization in Town: The Albany Music Coalition

Albany Music Coaltion

In an effort to help coordinate and bring together the Nippertown music community, a group of Local 518 musicians and fans have formed the Albany Music Coalition.

The new organization aims to serve as an informational resource for the Capital Region’s diverse music community, as well as hosting and publicizing performances, creative gatherings and educational programs throughout the area.

“There are so many amazing events happening all the time around here,” says AMC co-founder Harith Saam of The Rev Records. “We want to make it easier for musicians to get together and for fans to keep track.”

Meanwhile, co-founder and musician Katie Hammon (Bear Grass, Slender Shoulders) explains, “Too often I hear murmurs of new festivals in the works, similar shows planned for the same nights or these great ideas that simmer out due to a lack of community to make them happen. It would be great to have a way to come together from the start, to maximize the energy we put toward common goals and projects.”

Saam and Hammon first conceived of the Coalition as a way to connect area musicians, record labels, venues and media. Fans will be able to subscribe to a mailing list to receive a monthly calendar of events. AMC also plans to host its own showcases and community events, as well as seminars and discussions on a variety of music and business related topics.

Other officers and key members of AMC are Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned’s Louis Apicello (community outreach coordinator), music fan Andria Bentley (press secretary), the Hobo Banned’s Daniel Pardee (treasurer) and Robert Magee (legal counsel).

Plans are for AMC to function as a volunteer-operated organization, offering free membership until 2013. After the free pilot year, the organization will install a low-cost membership fee.

AMC will kick off its event schedule with a fund-raising performance at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany at 7pm on Friday, April 13, featuring Matthew Carefully and a number of other acts TBA.

  1. Denise Jacon Church says

    As a fan of the local music scene in the Capital District, I think I like this idea. Good luck with rolling it out.

  2. Normando says

    Best of luck to the organizers! The Capital District really deserves such an organization. I hope they can avoid the pitfalls that tripped up CAMA.

  3. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Sounds like a job for Kristen Parslow, to help keep those might self-agenda-minded moving in the right direction.

    That and there is wisdom to be taken from the both experience and mistakes of the old guard, heed the Normando!

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