LIVE: Stringfever @ the Troy Saving Bank Music Hall, 2/19/12


Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Some music is art.

And some music is entertainment.

Stringfever, the electrified string quartet, definitely leans heavily toward the latter category… with a little of the first thrown in.

But before you dismiss these three British brothers and their cousin as a commercial music package worthy of the Disney moniker, you have got to give them a listen.

They really know how to play music. And they can make you laugh out loud in the process.

Giles, Ralph and cousin Graham Broadbent all play five- and six-string brightly colored violectras that look like space-age violins and sound like pretty much any stringed instrument they want to present. Little brother Neal Broadbent, on the other hand, plays a bright-red violectra that looks like a cello on steroids.

The quartet’s Sunday afternoon performance in the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall traversed the entire musical spectrum from classical to Oscar-winning movie title soundtracks.


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