Other Voices, Other Rooms

From Kickstarter: Former Albanian Ze Frank is gearing up to re-launch a new edition of his online “The Show With Ze Frank,” which was one of our fave web-surfing destinations when it ran daily back in 2006-2007. Apparently we’re not the only ones who loved it. Frank – the son of artist and former Firlefanz Gallery co-owner Cathy Frank – has already garnered donations of more than $115,000 from 3,000 backers. And there’s still six more days to go in his pledge drive. Help him out if you can…

From CRUMBS Blog: Ralph Renna has a short interview with Charmboy’s Eric Halder.

From Rock It Out Blog: Much love for Around the World and Back

From Underwired: Nathan Mattise profiles Robert Brenne, who builds guitar amplifiers out of everyday objects like beer cans and Ouija boards.

From All Over Albany: One of the t-shirt designs by Rensselaer designer Lunchboxbrain is now available at The Gap.

From Chuck Miller: K-Chuck Radio serves up five different renditions of that Gerry Goffin/Carole King classic, “Up On the Roof”… from the Drifters to Dusty Springfield.

From Sucker Punch: Mister Frothy has created a set of five wind-up toys based on characters from our all-time favorite TV show – HBO’s “The Wire.”

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