Real Good for Free: Folklife Center Concert Series

Jennings and Ponder
Jennings and Ponder

The Folklife Center at the Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls is once again hosting a free concert series this spring.

The concerts take place at 7pm on every other Thursday evening throughout March and April.

Here’s the spring 2012 schedule of concerts:

March 15
When Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder perform stories together, their voices intertwine and overlap in narrative counterpoint, a compelling alloy of technique and soul. Their physical presence is natural and animated, and very expressive. Harp and concertina weave music into the tale-spinning. Sometimes there’s an old family ballad or parlor song. Humor, suspense, pathos and exhilaration all play together.

March 29
Veteran musicians and storytellers, the husband and wife team combines a strong folk and gospel legacy with a solid background in classical, rock, jazz and pop music. Creative curiosity, years of road experience and interactions with performers such as Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Harry Belafonte and others has led them to produce music that inspires while it entertains.

April 12
The folk duo of Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino employ their tight vocal harmonies in a diverse songbag of ‘20s & ‘30s blues, swing and contemporary folk originals infused with hard-hitting topical songs. They began to play music in the early sixties as a direct result of the Civil Rights Movement and continue to frequently raise their voices in support of the ongoing struggles for civil rights, freedom, justice and peace.

April 26
Carey is a Skidmore College grad who grew up in Alaska and New Hampshire, studied Celtic fiddle styles on a Fulbright Scholarship in Cape Breton, learned Gaelic in Scotland and incorporates it in a repertoire of Appalachian-inspired songs with a Celtic twist. She is joined by fine fiddler Andrew Finn Magill and accomplished guitarist-bouzouki player Sean Earnest.

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