For the Love of Art: A Celebration of the Life of Art Snay

Art Snay (photo by Dave Suarez)
Art Snay (photo by Dave Suarez)

It was with heavy hearts that we reported the passing of Art Snay last Friday. He was a pioneer on the Albany music scene as a long-time musician, producer, engineer and owner of Arabellum Studios in Albany.

There will be a gathering of friends and family to celebrate the life of Art Snay from 3-6pm on Sunday (March 25) at Lynn’s Uptown Tavern at 15 Colvin Avenue in Albany. Those in attendance are encouraged to share stories of Art’s life and times.

Musicians are also encouraged to bring their instruments to join in the musical celebration. Steven Clyde Davies will act as master of ceremonies, co-ordinating the musical portion of the gathering, which will kick off with his band Ramblin Jug Stompers at 3pm.

UPDATE (8am on Tuesday, May 20): The Last Conspirators, the Lustre Kings and Mark Emanatian have also been confirmed to perform.

Photographs and other memorabilia of Art and Arabellum are also being sought to exhibit during the gathering. Please contact Mary Paley at [email protected] if you can help out with the display.

  1. Joe Gorman says

    Very sad to hear about Art’s passing. I think I speak for everyone in Ariel by saying that we had a blast everytime we went into Arabellum to spend time with Art and Yvonne! He was a presence in a room and really our first introduction to “formal” recording in those days. What came through to me most was his passion for what he did and his genuine care and focus towards making your work sound like something special. Thank you Art for all you did not just for us, but for the many Capital Region musicians that you helped along the way!
    Joe Gorman

  2. val haynes says

    Art was a pro and a sweetheart. he was an integral part of the albany music scene, and his passion for music was obvious from the first time i met him. Truly a great loss.

  3. Dave McCarthy says

    I was lucky enough to call Art a friend for for the last 35 years.Recording with Art was never a job.
    It was always fun.Big fun! A jingle or original song was always treated the same.Once in a while we
    would record in in a slightly altered state. And never ever before 4PM.
    The Albany music scene in the late 70’s and 80’s could never have happened without Art’s input.And a wild ,wonderful scene it was.
    I last saw Art at Christmas time.I still recall his crooked smile and wonderful laugh from that evening.That’s how I will aways remember him.His spirit will live forever.

  4. Harvey Kojan says

    Although I hadn’t seen Art in over 25 years, he was never too far from my thoughts. We spent so many hours together at Arabellum. So many memories … and so many more lost forever as a result of our mutual appetites. I never learned that it was fruitless to try and keep pace with Art and spent many nights on his couch. He was an “early adopter” of technology well before that term existed. He owned the first VCR I ever saw. Ditto for the first personal computer. He turned me on to SCTV (the original, half-hour show). He TRIED to teach me how synthesizers worked, but I was a slow learner. And he taught me more about the recording process than anyone else. Above all he was a kind and generous friend who was a joy to hang with. I’m still having a hard time processing that he’s gone.

  5. Peggy Apple Woods says

    Art, “The big Guy” was in a word, incredible. Incredibly sensitive to a young girl stumbling through love’s disasters; incredibly supportive to all musicians wanting their voice to be heard; incredibly funny turning me on to hours of taped SCTV. Art had an incredible ear for sound and was not afraid to be innovative or a risk taker. I love the fact he recognized my love and determination of exposing the great music Albany had to offer in the late seventies and early eighties. You will always have a special place in my heart, Artie.

  6. Rick Morse says

    Art engineered and produced Badge’s first single. Is was a 45! He was very patient with us since we were novices recording for the first time in a professional studio. I have a huge amount of respect for his talent. He will be missed by many.

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