LIVE: “For the Love of Art” @ Lynn’s Uptown Tavern, 3/25/12

The Last Conspirators
The Last Conspirators

Photographs by Sara Ayers

Friends of Art Snay filled Lynn’s Uptown Tavern in Albany on Sunday afternoon (March 25) as they regaled each other with tales and memories of the good times and great music created over the years at Snay’s Arabellum Studios on Sand Creek Road in Albany.

Snay – musician, engineer, producer and owner of Arabellum Studios – died earlier this month, and on Sunday, his friends came together for “For the Love of Art: A Celebration of the Life of Art Snay.” And because so many of Art’s friends are musicians, the afternoon tribute was chockful of music, often peppered with special guests.

Steven Clyde Davies – who co-ordinated the musical side of the celebration – played bass with the Last Conspirators and the Lustre Kings. Val Haynes sat in with Ramblin Jug Stompers. And Al Kash seemed be be behind his drum kit for nearly the entire day, including a stint with the Rumdummies, who reunited just for the occasion.

“For the Love of Art: A Celebration of the Life of Art Snay”
RIP: Art Snay of Arabellum Studios, 1951-2012

The Rumdummies
The Rumdummies
The Lustre Kings
The Lustre Kings
Todd Nelson and Val Haynes
Todd Nelson and Val Haynes
The Ramblin Jug Stompers
Ramblin Jug Stompers
  1. GG Roberts says

    Great shots thank-you Sara-it was a wonderful memorial for a great guy!

  2. Bob Lukomski says

    It was great to see so many folks there to celebrate Art’s life and legacy – which is to say a LOT of great music!

  3. Todd Nelson says

    Thanks for posting these, Sara. Kudos to Cousin Clyde for putting (and holding) the day together.

  4. Yvonne says

    Thanks to Stevie for the music and the Peter Hammil, and to Mary Paley for hostessing and all the remembrances set up. Everyone knows how much Art loved a good party, especially with so many friends and family that we haven’t seen in such a long time. It was overwhelming, but making music with all of you was where his heart really was. Thank you so much from my heart.

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