LIVE: The Stray Dogs @ Brunswick Barbecue & Brew, 3/16/12

Review and video by Joel Patterson

I think it’s safe to issue this decree: what we would call “classic rock” has settled into the collective folk memory of the American people. The way these songs were embraced by their fans at the time so fervently, and used as emblems of their struggles and their tribal loyalties – no wonder they still exert such a hold, all these forty-something years later.

The Stray Dogs – guitarists Dave Kaskoun and Marty Satalino; bassist Jeff Maynard; drummer Nate Coyne; and saxman Josh Greenberg – being a band of singers, first and foremost (and considering they are all whiz-bang daddies on their chosen instruments, that IS saying something) – have an especially persuasive way of bringing these classics to life. When they play “Long Time Gone” as they did last Friday night, they’re not doing a cover song. Rather it’s a tribute and a celebration of all that formed them – their heritage, their musical DNA.

Brunswick Barbecue & Brew (3925 Route 2, Brunswick, NY) is a sensational place to hear live music. It has that magic combo of everything being just right – slightly theatrical, but very down-home and comfy. The food is phenomenal, and the beer selection is fantastic. The Stray Dog keep up a regular monthly gig schedule there, and any weekend you’ll find the finest of the area’s acoustic bands in the custom built “performance alcove,” doing what they do best.

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