Prayers for Levon Helm…

This was just posted on Levon Helm’s website:

Dear Friends,

Levon is in the final stages of his battle with cancer. Please send your prayers and love to him as he makes his way through this part of his journey.

Thank you fans and music lovers who have made his life so filled with joy and celebration… he has loved nothing more than to play, to fill the room up with music, lay down the back beat, and make the people dance! He did it every time he took the stage…

We appreciate all the love and support and concern.

From his daughter Amy, and wife Sandy

  1. Michael Eck says

    Truly, one of the greats.

  2. Roger Noyes says

    Very sad about this.

  3. Bruce Culver says

    I’m not a prayer, but best wishes for sure, and thanks for all the great music!

  4. Steve King says

    I’ve been a huge fan of his since 1968 and have had the privilage of seeing him twice over the years. The first was at SPAC with The Band and at the Saratoga folk fest with his own band. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

  5. Rudy says

    So sorry to hear this.

  6. Roger Green says

    Have 2 of his solo albums, plus, of course several Band albums. a great voice, silenced once, and too soon, forever.

  7. J Hunter says

    I was lucky enough to attend one of his Rambles a few years ago, and (my SRO situation notwithstanding) it was one of the best musical experiences I’ve ever had. A truly special evening, and Levon was still one of the most powerful & interesting drummers I’ve ever seen, in rock or any other genre. I hope he has a peaceful trip, and is soon jamming with others on the bill at the one true Woodstock who we’ve lost in years past.

  8. Marty Feier says

    Sad to hear about yet another legendary musician who is moving on way too soon. He has influenced so many with his great voice and groove and his spirit will live on through his gift of music.

  9. Angel says

    May the rest of his journey be filled with peace and love with his family by his side….his spirit will live forever

  10. Fred says

    One of the high points of my life was meeting Levon Helm, his band, and beloved dog after an incredible “Midnight Ramble” show at The Egg a few years ago. His graciousness, humor and interest in meeting fans of all ages backstage left an indelible impression comparable to hearing him belt out “Ophelia” from behind his drum kit while playing a rhythm that was incredibly funky and filled with imagination. He was so proud to know that Amy, his talented daughter, had accrued fans with her recordings and shows with Ollabelle. I cannot say enough about Levon, and hearing about his terminal illness saddens me like he’s a close friend of mine. Yet I know he has lived life to its fullest, even lived on borrowed time, and made the world immeasurably better through his music, acting, and activism–think of how many schools benefited from his fundraising performances. My thoughts are with his family and the countless friends. God bless you, Levon!

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