Burns & Murray on Hair, The Tribal Rock Musical at Cohoes Music Hall [Berkshire on Stage]

The Company of Hair. Photos by Theresa Thibodeau.
The Company of Hair. (photos by Theresa Thibodeau)

Larry Murray: Gail, you did it again with your crazy fashion choices, I am trying to hide from the groupies, and you decide to go all hippie on me. That tie-dye top with the bell bottoms and purple Birkenstocks was so outré, you had the cast members traipsing over to see the outfit even before the show began.

Gail Burns: I gotta be me, Larry! Isn’t that what 1960′s fashion was all about? But it was alarming to be the ONLY person, other than the cast, in tie-dye…

Larry: Well perhaps I’ll buy a camouflage hoodie and sunglasses to don when you play dress up for the theatre. I don’t want people to think I had anything to do with it. Hell, even a fellow critic passed us by without saying hi, I think he was aghast. I am afraid of what you might choose to wear for Amadeus, you don’t have any powdered wigs at home, do you?

Gail: No wigs in my closet, but there were plenty of great ones, and one or two clunkers, on stage at Cohoes. My son joked that you should really cast “Hair” a year in advance so everyone has time to grow the required locks before opening night. Comparing the cast’s head-shots online with what we saw on stage proved how times have changed.

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