The Upstate Concert Hall? Really?

Northern Lights

Now under new ownership, Northern Lights in Clifton Park has changed its name to the Upstate Concert Hall.

We can’t think of a more generic, less imaginative name…

But then again, just how much does the name of the place really matter?

“Concert Hall” might be a bit too grandiose a description for a strip-mall bar, but, I mean, nobody actually walks into Valentine’s Music Hall expecting it to be anything like the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, do they?

Truth be told, every once in a while, we still slip up and refer to Northern Lights as Park West. Or Tiger’s Pub.

And oh, by the way, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that McGeary’s Pub will be changing its name to the McGeary’s Performing Arts Center.

UPDATE (3pm, 5/18/12): Here’s an official statement from Ted Etoll of Step Up Presents and the Club Marketing Director of the newly dubbed Upstate Concert Hall:

“We feel a name change and new branding is essential to chart a fresh course. The club has been totally rebuilt and revitalized. With 100% control, we all felt a re-branding was necessary to show the Capital Region that this venue and its management have undertaken every step to change the image of the club physically and professionally. Upstate Concert Hall will continue to book the biggest touring shows in the country. If anyone was disappointed in their concert experience prior to the new management, please come on out and see the changes that have been done. There is no one that cannot notice this is a new club with a new energy.”

UPDATE: (4:30pm, 5/18/12): According to today’s press release from Ted Etoll, recent improvements to the former Northern Lights include:

* Beautiful full service state of the art dressing and production rooms for touring bands
* Redesigned sound system and state of the art digital sound boards
* New air conditioning
* Renovated men’s and ladies’ facilities
* Male and female bathroom attendants
* Young professional and courteous staff, all college music industry graduates
* Full line of craft draft beers
* Immaculate and impeccably maintained facility
* Wide screen TVs throughout the club for sports viewing or watching the bands
* Professionally trained and certified security

  1. erik hage says

    If we’re going in that direction (ie, flatly descriptive), I’d suggest Upstate Concert Hall in the Mall.

  2. A.P. says

    Does that mean the bouncers will use more elegant forms of “crowd control” instead of street justice?

  3. J. Welf says

    Who are the new owners?

  4. Jan Galligan says

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    |_|| _\ | (_| | }_ |_(_)| |(_}_| | | |(_|||

    make your own version here:

  5. Trevor says

    I didn’t hear anything about this. It was only a few years ago “Step Up Presents” took over. I’m curious as to what happened…besides not being able to make money.

  6. Paul C. says

    Even with the explanation it’s still a strange name change. If you’re going to change your name from something distinctive, change it TO something distinctive. This name reminds me of when you’d watch a sitcom and they’d have beer named “Beer” and Potato Chips called “Potato Chips”.

    Now if they called it the Upstate Concert Mall, then that would at least be funny.

  7. Kirsten says

    I used to haaate going to Northern Lights, mostly because of the general vibe and the way people got treated. But I have to say that since Ted took over, the experience has been a thousand times better, all-around. And the booking’s been really good too. Thanks Ted.

  8. Ellen says

    I can understand the need for a name change and new branding, but the name they chose is… completely underwhelming! I wish I could have sat in on the brainstorming session for that one.

  9. Eric Halder says

    I’m hoping that these changes include a removal of that drop ceiling over 1/3 of the floor space (by the side bar). Standing anywhere near that part of the ceiling makes it sound like the entire PA System is wrapped in Gauze.

  10. Fred says

    As Comic Book Guy would say: “Worst name change ever.”

  11. Bill says

    Poorly thought out name, VERY LAME!!!!!!!!!

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