Win FREE TIX to the Tisziji Munoz Quartet @ the Sanctuary for Independent Media on Friday

Former Schenectady resident Tisziji Munoz is a world-class guitarist and true underground jazz hero. A disciple of John Coltrane, Munoz played in Pharoah Sanders’ band for six years and has shared his spiritual yet edgy fretboard talents with a wide array of musicians, including Rashied Ali, McCoy Tyner, Marilyn Crispell, Henry Kaiser, Bob Moses, Dave Liebman and Paul Shaffer.

He leads the Tisziji Munoz Quartet into the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy at 7pm on Friday (June 1), for the final concert of the Sanctuary’s spring season. In addition to Munoz, the adventurous foursome will feature bassist Don Pate, drummer Tony Falco and pianist John Medeski (of Medeski Martin & Wood.) UPDATE: The band has been bumped up from a quartet to a quintet with the recent addition of percussionist Adam Benham. Tix for the concert at $10.

BUT WAIT… Have we got a deal for you! We’re giving away a pair of FREE TIX to the show to TWO lucky Nippertown readers! To enter the contest, just post a comment below. Please leave your email address, too. We won’t publish it, but we’ll use it to contact you if you win. The winner will be selected at random and notified on Friday. Enter today! Good luck! Congratulations to the winners, who have been notified by email.

  1. Sandy Kershaw says

    ooohhhhh oooohhh pick me !! 😉

  2. Al Kash says

    Lov this guy /group !!!

  3. glenn says

    woo hoo! i wanna go too!

  4. Steve Piasecki says

    Too bad no Rakalam

  5. Todd Nelson says

    I’ve wanted to hear this guy for years!

  6. M says


  7. Martyn says

    I remember for years there was a poster of his in a copy shop window on Lark Street near State. Maybe he worked there? I always wondered what his stuff was about.

  8. acrellim... says

    This show should prove to be a musically and spiritually uplifting performance. A Tisziji show should not be missed…..EVER!!!

  9. Sara says

    tickets tickets tickets

  10. christine says

    I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers…would love these tickets!!

  11. Joe says

    the Sanctuary is the greatest!

  12. A says

    I have to say I was really dumbstruck by this video because I have never heard jazz like this before. I was not really sure what I felt. I had no idea Tisziji was so spiritual and for that reason alone I would love to go.
    Sound healing, transcendental feeling-full jazz that can not be boxed in, music that does not pander to an audience, a school, or the spotlight/fame? -um, YES PLEASE!! I wonder what kind of poetry each of these musicians would read if they read poetry because they make poetic, intuitive music. I would give them a little Whitman – “A heroic person walks at his ease through and out of that custom or precedent or authority that suits him not. Of the traits of the brotherhood of writers savans musicians inventors and artists, nothing is finer than silent defiance advancing from new free forms…What we enclose you enclose, What we enjoy you may enjoy. Did you suppose there could be only one Supreme? We affirm there can be unnumbered Supremes…”

  13. Rick C says

    me likey music!

  14. Russ B says

    Sounds like a great lineup.

  15. Rebecca Gold says

    Today is my parent’s 43 wedding anniversary. I would love to surprise them with these tickets!

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