Fact Checking Journalist Dorothy Thompson in “Cassandra Speaks” – A Burns & Cane Review [Berkshire on Stage]

Tod Randolph as Dorothy Thompson in “Cassandra Speaks” at Shakespeare & Company. (photo: Kevin Sprague)
Tod Randolph as Dorothy Thompson in “Cassandra Speaks” at Shakespeare & Company. (photo: Kevin Sprague)

Gail Burns: Before we start, I want to introduce BerkshireOnStage.com readers to my friend Roseann Cane. She is an actress and director based in Columbia County. She also has many years’ experience as a writer and editor. Roseann and I met in 2006 when I reviewed her performance in a production of “Social Security” at the Ghent Playhouse and we had a misunderstanding, which we turned into a wonderful friendship. I hope we are proof to the actors of the world that Theatre Critics ARE human, what do you think, Roseann?

Roseann Cane: So long as we prove – to the critics – that actors are human! Seriously, actors and theater critics share a common love, the theater, and a common goal, which is to celebrate it, share its bounty, and promote its growth. So here we are.

Gail: And I am so glad that “Cassandra Speaks” is the first show we get to write about together because it is about a ground-breaking female journalist, Dorothy Thompson (1893-1961). Sadly, arts journalism, and particularly theatre criticism, is still largely male dominated. We may be the first all female team to play in this league! How did you like the show?

Roseann: There is much to love about Shakespeare & Company, but I felt a decided frisson when you told me we were going to see “Cassandra Speaks.” I’m a sucker for plays that marry political significance and psychological insight. For years I’ve been intrigued by Dorothy Thompson. And I’d never seen Tod Randolph on stage, though I’d read great things about her.

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