Sean Rowe Announces His Upcoming Album

Sean Rowe: The Salesman and the Shark

Sean Rowe – Nippertown’s soulful baritone singer-songwriter – announced that his upcoming album, “The Salesman and the Shark,” is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, August 28 on Anti- Records. It will be available as digital download, CD and vinyl. The new album is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed full-length debut, “Magic,” which was originally released in 2009 on Collar City Records and then re-released on Anti- last year.

You can hear the new album’s opening track, “Bring Back The Night,” here.

Special guests on the album include members of Nippertown’s own Railbird, as well as Marketa Irglova of the Swell Season.

Rowe and producer Woody Jackson recorded “The Salesman and the Shark” live in the studio at the historic Vox Recording Studios in Los Angeles on the same mixing board used to make such timeless classics such as the Rolling Stones’ “Exile On Main Street,” T-Rex’s “Electric Warrior” and the Beach Boys’ “Smile.”

As Rowe’s explains, “The songs on this record are all very different structurally, but they have this consistent sound and feel which has to do with where and how they were recorded,” Rowe explains. “Early on, we agreed on the aesthetic of the record, which was just keeping it as organic and as live as possible. And I think it really gave it that timeless feel.”

“Sean Rowe is just an amazing singer. When you first hear his voice, you can’t figure out if it’s for real or not,” adds produced Woody Jackson. “The atmosphere was just really amazing throughout the recording. Everything just came together naturally. My main goal throughout was to just be true to the songs, which were phenomenal. His vocals and the melodies were king.”

Here’s the track listing for “The Salesman and the Shark”:
1. Bring Back The Night – 4:02
2. Flying – 4:40
3. The Lonely Maze – 3:04
4. Joe’s Cult – 3:01
5. Signs – 4:35
6. The Wall – 4:24
7. The Ballad of Buttermilk Falls- 4:31
8. Horses – 4:35
9. Old Shoes – 5:09
10. Downwind – 4:14
11. Thunderbird – 3:23
12. Long Way Home – 3:27

Sean Rowe will be making a couple of Nippertown concert appearances during the next several weeks, including stops at Keegan Ales in Kingston at 4pm on Sunday, June 24 ($10), and at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs at 8pm on Saturday, July 7 ($14 in advance; $16 at the door).

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