LIVE: The Luca Ciarla Quartet @ the Van Dyck, 6/23/12

Luca Ciarla and Vince Abbracciante
Luca Ciarla and Vince Abbracciante

Review and photographs by Rudy Lu

The quintessentially American musical genre known as jazz has a worldwide musical form, taking on the various influences of the many countries it has spread to.

Co-sponsored by A Place for Jazz and the Swingtime Jazz Society, the Luca Ciarla Quartet from Italy graced the stage of the Van Dyck in Schenectady last Saturday to perform their interpretation of the genre, playing several standards and a Thelonious Monk medley, as well as Southern European folk music – all performed with great gusto and feeling.

The combination of violin, accordion, bass and drums made for great harmonies, and the interplay between violinist Luca Ciarla and accordionist Vince Abbracciante wove a delicate tapestry of sound.

Drummer Francesco Savoretti frequently played his trap drum set by hand and with brushes, in addition to a hand drum that he sat on. Bassist Nicola Di Camillo proved equally adept on electric and double bass and was frequently given the spotlight for solos.

The audience at the Van Dyck was given a glimpse of jazz as interpreted by a band of virtuoso Italian musicians, who are continuing on their North American tour with stops at various festivals on the continent before returning home.

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Nicola Di Camillo and Francesco Savoretti
Nicola Di Camillo and Francesco Savoretti
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    Nice lead-in photo. It’s got some great drama going on. You did well.

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