SPAC Cuts Back NYC Ballet Season to One Week for 2013

As the Saratoga Performing Arts Center gears up to present the annual two-week summer residency of the New York City Ballet on Tuesday night, SPAC’s Board of Directors announced that the NYC Ballet season will be trimmed back to just a single week next summer.

“In recent years, NYC Ballet and SPAC, like arts organizations nationwide, have had to confront new financial realities,” said Marcia J. White, SPAC’s president and executive director. “We are all operating in an environment where funding from both public and private sources is more scarce, while the costs of doing business have continued to rise.”

“Those trends have created financial challenges for NYC Ballet and its Saratoga residency that must be addressed. The move to shorten the 2013 program to one week is a short-term, but necessary step,” said White. “We are hopeful that with more time, we can develop a multi-faceted plan that sustains this residency while taking into account SPAC’s numerous commitments to its other artistic programs and audiences.”

White noted that SPAC is in serious conversations with the National Ballet of Canada and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet about potential short-term engagements at SPAC in 2013, as an adjunct to NYC Ballet’s one-week program.

“SPAC’s commitment to presenting world-class dance programming is stronger than ever,” said White. “Next Tuesday, the curtain will rise on another brilliant New York City Ballet season here at SPAC, offering thousands unparalleled opportunities to see dance masterpieces come to life on our historic stage. We remain tremendously grateful for and committed to this partnership. SPAC will always be the summer home of the New York City Ballet.”

The New York City Ballet had a three-week performance residency at SPAC until 2009, when it was cut back to just two weeks.

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