LIVE: The Chandler Travis Three-O @ the Ale House, 6/16/12

Review and video by Joel Patterson

I have given up trying to isolate in a test tube what it is that Chandler Travis has. But I wish I could bottle and sell it. I would have a formula for musical brilliance on steroids – a pill that would give you super-human knacks for being entertaining and charming and, whatever it is… spell-binding to watch. In fact, charting his DNA might not be such a bad idea. Here is one of these cases where a guy is just so excellent at what he does, roaming the terrain of pop/rock/folk/alt-jazz music, like some crazed and visionary Daniel Boone of the East Coast bars, he probably owes it to science. His Three-0 band of brothers – Fred Boak [celebrating the big 5-0], Berke McKelvey and John Clark – joined him at the Ale House in Troy last month.

Chandler Travis brings his slightly larger band the Philharmonette to the Peint O Gwrw in Chatham at 8pm tonight (Friday, July 6). Then he brings his even larger group the Philharmonic to town for a pair of free shows on Saturday (July 7) – headlining the Beat Fest in Troy on Saturday afternoon before heading out to Amsterdam to kick off the 2012 Riverlink Summer Concert Series at the Beechnut Bandshell in Riverlink Park at 7pm.

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  1. Denise says

    Thank you Joel Patterson for this wonderful review and explanation of the MAGIC that “is” the music of Chandler Travis…one has to experience a live Chandler Travis it The Chandler Travis Philharmonic..the Chandler Travis Three-O…the Chandler Travis Philharmonette ..or the CATBIRDS to begin to understand just what Joel means by “spell-binding”….Please do yourself a favor and come out this weekend and catch one, two and better yet all three of these shows that are happening right here in our very own Nippertown…one thing I can promise is that each show will be distinctly different…that’s the magic in it !!

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