CD: Molly Durnin’s “Run”

Molly Durnin: Run

Review by Matt Mac Haffie

If you don’t know the captivating singer-songwriter Molly Durnin, you really should… and most likely will. Molly is a gifted artist on the rise, clearly destined for big things. I first walked in on her playing as part the Victorian Stroll and was blown away by the power of her live performance. A small-town,eastern NY gal who got off to a quiet start in 2007, she was latter spotted at an open mic by Maurizio, a stand-out musician in his own right. Maurizio tracked Molly’s first demos, which led to the release of her debut CD “Run.”

“Run” opens with the inviting lead track “Foxes,” a simple yet infectious lock-step guitar-bass-drums groove over which she floats her seemingly effortless vocals to great effect. A turn towards the blues can be heard on “Holy Ground” and “Down to the Devil,” the latter bringing to mind Bonnie Raitt. Other tracks like “The Ocean” and “Extraterrestrial” evoke Ani DiFranco.

Moods shift, genres change, all punctuated by a mature delivery and unique phrasing that should be beyond that of a mere 23-year-old. “Cheap Wine,” the tail end of this masked fox-emblazoned release, is ushered in by the sound of her Jeep and the call of birds. It is the most indicative of her live solo performances and holds up just as well as any of the album’s band-aided tracks. Molly’s songs are first rate, well crafted and solid throughout. The players are pros (including members of the City Never Sleeps and veteran bassist Tony Markellis); the cover art is cool; and the production of Frank Moscowitz is excellent.

Once Molly Durnin has your ears you will not want her to let go. This remarkable debut CD is sure to garner a solid rotation in WEXT-FM’s Local 518 line-up.

Molly will be performing at 6pm on Thursday (July 12) at the Waterford Library’s Backlot Concert Series. Admission is free. And she’ll likely have a fresh batch of “Run” CDs under her arm.

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  1. Hans S Dirzuweit says

    Having known Molly now for approx 2 years and having gone to her CD Release party for “RUN” a few weeks ago to see her perform and buy the CD, I totally agree with this review! After 1-2 full playings of her CD, I was then and am now daily hooked! I bugged her to release the lyrics and now that they are out, I can tell you that I have an even stronger appreciation and desire to play her CD. In the review I would have added mention of the track “Skippin’ Town”, a driving fast, getaway-car song with appropriate lyrics “One, two, three, four hit the pedal to the floor …” and drivin’ rhythm!! My favorite track at this point!! Lyrics are posted on Facebook at “Molly Durnin Music”.

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