POSTPONED: Johnny Mathis at the Palace Theatre

The upcoming concert by veteran pop vocalist Johnny Mathis at the Palace Theatre in Albany – which was originally scheduled for Thursday, October 11 – has been postponed to 8pm on Thursday, April 4 due to “minor surgery for his hip/legs,” according to the folks at the Palace.

Tix for the original date will be honored for the re-scheduled date. TiX are $36, $56, $76 & $126.

  1. PK Miller says

    I gotta ask, having once been a major fan of Johnny Mathis (Wonderful, Wonderful” was one of my favorite songs) WHY would anyone pay $1.26 to see Johnny Mathis now??? Fifty years ago, yes. Whatever the 1962 equivalent of today’s $126 would’ve been, I would’ve gladly paid it & more for Johnny Mathis in his prime. I caught his show in Cherry Hill NJ in the 60s & was enchanted! Just as, having heard the Beach Boys in their prime 40 years ago, I would never pay 25 cents to see them now, over the hill, playing & singing long, long past their prime to pay off the lawyers. (We are not all young & cute forever. Only moi, of course!) Ca 1972, I had friends who dragged me to SPAC to see The Beach Boys–given a choice–go willingly or bound & gagged in the trunk of thier car–thought about that for a few minutes! 🙂 They were phenomenal. Ditto Neil Diamond. But it’s time for these aging pop/rock stars to give it up. Jan & Dean, too, in their prime, were tremendous artists. Then I heard them 4-5 yars ago, freebie at NY State Fair. Jan Berry never recovered from his head injury, had no business on stage (Syracuse critic asked, “It’s 8 o’clock, Jan Berry. Do you know where YOU are?”) Ditto America 2 years ago. So, Johnny Mathis & Co., give it a rest. Let the new generation take the stage. (But if I get to heaven & Justin Bieber is playing on every radio station 24/7 & performing in every concert hall, I hope I’ve packed my fire retardent long johns!)

  2. Von & Dee says

    Have to say I agree with the artists past their prime trying to sing the songs of their fame. Prime example – can’t believe I’m really saying this, but Paul McCartney, at the Olympic opening ceremonies – very sad. Having been a Paul fan since the Beatles first hit our shores, I was saddened to have to put the mute on my TV while Paul tried hard to hit the notes of Hey Jude. Just couldn’t listen to the nasty cracking voice of today, when I can still hear the voice of him from the 60s in my head. Just a pity, though I understand opening ceremonies without a Beatle would not have been “right”.

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