LIVE: The Parlor @ Design It Together, 7/28/12

Video and review by Joel Patterson

If you’ve got any stockpile of karma at all, even a smidgen, you are bound to one day run across the Parlor playing at a Nippertown venue near you. This event will neatly cleave your life into a “before” and “after,” and the “after” is a pretty amazing place.

You will probably sense that their spare and spirited folk-rock is destined to become the soundtrack for the coming age. And it’s high time this age dawned, we have been waiting for it just about forever!

The Parlor’s master musicians Jen O’Connor and Eric Krans will be featured panelists (along with Eric Margan of the Red Lions) at the first Deciphering Songs songwriting workshop at Fuzz Records in Albany at 6:30pm on Thursday (August 2). The workshop is sponsored by the Albany Music Coalition, and attendance is free.

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