Jillian’s to Close; Bayou Cafe to Be Sold

Jillian's of Albany will close on August 11

“The party never stops at Jillian’s of Albany.”

At least that’s what is says on Jillian’s website.

But the fact is that the party will indeed be over at the end of business on Saturday night (August 11), when owner Ralph Spillinger shutters the doors for good.

Spillenger had put the business on the block back in June with a $1.6 million asking price. But alas, there have been no takers.

Spillenger also plans on selling the Bayou Cafe (just down North Pearl Street from Jillian’s) – leaving downtown Albany behind to concentrate solely on the Bayou Cafe in Glenville, which he also owns.

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  1. Former says

    Well,well,well…. I hope that I can get the money that I am owed from this mans establishment before the Bayou closes…. My paychecks were only allowed to be cashed at the restaurant, and the money that was taken out for taxes, etc. was never reported… I guess it went to line the pockets of the owner. New York state has no record of me ever working there so it makes sense… I hope to recoup that money, along with the paycheck I’m owed.. I’m sure I’ll never see it. Fill up and spill babe!

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