LIVE: Troy Night Out, 7/27/12

Review and video by Joel Patterson

Q: What do the last-Friday-of-every-month city-wide arts celebrations known as Troy Night Out have in common with the entire expanse of the known Universe?

A: They both cover a lot of territory.

Lately scientists are questioning if it’s even possible to touchdown on every event and art opening and band and sidewalk vendor within the mission time-frame of 5-9 pm. (Yes, I’ve done the math. If you’ve got to see it all, budget four minutes for each place and event.)

July was typically overwhelming. Sultry pop singer Siobahn Hotaling at Monument Square, Ira Marcks’ dreamy cartoon slideshow (with live musical accompaniment) at the Arts Center, the smooth and ultra-hip sounds of the Jim Wilson Quartet at Spillin’ the Beans, a mass ukelele march from Segel Violins threading through downtown, author Andrea Chesman, band-of-the-moment The Parlor at Design It Together…

A cosmically spectacular variety of experiences, and it’s right here in Nippertown’s backyard! I call it what it is – one giant leap for mankind.

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  1. PK Miller says

    It’s almost an embarrassment of riches! One can only sample so much! Kudos to the students of Troy Music Hall. I regret I missed all but 2 young performers in July because of the aforementioned embarrassment of riches! (I applaud these young people and the instructors and powers that be of TMA for giving them the opportunity for a public performance.) I could have spent HOURS at the Arts Center’s Fence Show and its many other exhibits. I enjoyed meeting artist Niki Hayes and her collages. It dawned on me after our chat, I DO know what a collage is, if I barely know collage from watercolor, Michaelangelo’s Pieta from Serrano’s Piss Christ! I’m a different kind of artist–musician, OPERA SINGER.

    I also wish “buena suerte” to Matinez Gallery in its new venture. I miss having you as a TNO venue. You serve an important niche in reaching out to Latino artists.

    Only the heat and efforts to ward off dehydration (common complication of diabetes in very hot weather–or so my Drs tell me!) kept me from heading to upper River St for several other venues. And this month, I promise to try that new restaurant, whether or not Don Rittner is there.

    I love Downtown Troy and its myriad small, often quirky businesses. You are thriving (if, it seems Messrs. Tutunjiajn & Mirch tried very hard to arrest your development–they’ve already cost your cash-strapped city lots of $$$ with litigation over the former adult cinema & Sanctuary for Independent Media. Harry & Bob: the gift that keeps on giving!) The Beat Shop is my favorite but you have so many. Downtown Albany has little. Schenectady thrives because of Proctor’s and the vision of Philip Morris.

    But Mayor Rosamilia & Chief Tedesco must do something to RESTRICT FLOW OF VEHICULAR TRAFFIC. Close River Street entirely + the section of Fulton St from River to 4th. You have thousands of people for TNO. If someone is hit by a car they will sue the City of Troy. Traffic on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Sts needs to be restricted, 3rd & 4th to CDTA ONLY.

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