LIVE: Kris Perry’s “Machines” @ Basilica Music Festival, 8/10/12


Kris Perry's Machines @ The Basilica, Hudson

Review and photographs by Tim Livingston

Music is everywhere. It surrounds us in our daily lives. Even if one works in a factory or machine shop. Music surrounds us.

Point proven by artist Kris Perry and his “Machines” project. Built out of reclaimed industrial machinery Kris constructed a Metropolis of sound-sculptures and industrial imagery last Friday night at the Basilica Music Festival in Hudson. It was a spectacle to behold and even more amazing when his team of workman-like musicians and artists performed a magnificent score on the machines that sounded more like a symphony than the clanging and hissing of metal machines at work.

Enveloped by the audience – who circled around the performance, thus forming the virtual walls of Kris’ machine shop – the “workers” slowly filled the vast space of the Basilica Hudson with a beautiful array of sound and vision. The program needs to be seen and heard to fully experience, as words and photos can not fully capture the full scope of this unique project.

Music is everywhere. You just need to open your mind and ears… and listen…

Kris Perry's Machines
Kris Perry’s Machines
Kris Perry's Machines
More Machines
And even more Machines
And even more Machines

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