Bands Announced for Local Legends Live @ the Empire State Plaza, 9/8/12

UPDATE, 11am, 9/8/12: Local Legends Live has been CANCELLED due to the impending weather…

Local Legends Live is back for its second year at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, and six Local 518 bands have just been announced to fill the bill for the free outdoor fest on Saturday, September 8.

Unlike last year, the organizers have wisely chosen not to hold the fest on a Friday, but rather shift it to a Saturday. Unfortunately, Saturday, September 8 also happens to be the date of the Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival at Riverfront Park and the Restoration Festival at St. Joseph’s Church – meaning that three festivals are going head-to-head in competition for an audience. Three music fests in downtown Albany on the same day? Really? Not to mention Sean Rowe’s CD release party at Valentine’s Music Hall that same night…

The festival has also been pared back – showcasing just seven bands from 2-10pm, as opposed to nine bands between 12noon-9pm last year. UPDATE: The fest has added a second stage, which kicks off at 1:40pm.

While there have been some changes since last year’s inaugural fest, unfortunately the name of the event isn’t one of them. Local Legends Live? Really? In our humble opinion, none of the bands live up to the definition of “local legends.” Well, OK, maybe John Brodeur.

And this year, they’ve added the previously announced singer-songwriter Michael Doughty as the fest headliner, despite the fact that he’s neither local nor a legend.

So who selects the bands for Local Legends Live? Well, according to the website of the New York State Office of General Services, “the official selection committee consists of local music critics, bloggers and radio hosts.” And, no, Nippertown was not asked to weigh in…

Anyway, here’s the full schedule of band performances for the 2012 Local Legends Live fest:


2:40pm: A-WAR
3:40pm: HARDSOUL
4:40pm: DAVID FEY
6:40pm: THE LATENT

Ralph Renna’s response at CRUMBS Blog


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Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival @ Riverfront Park, Albany, Saturday, September 8
Local Legends Live @ Empire State Plaza, Albany, Saturday, September 8
PearlPalooza @ North Pearl Street, Albany, Saturday, September 22
Hannaford Hispanic Heritage Celebration @ Empire State Plaza, Albany, Saturday, September 22

  1. Stanley Johnson says

    Well, this is clearly a flip-a-coin decision…no wait, that’s only two sides. Maybe it’s a roll-a-dice decision…no that’s four sides. Um, well, maybe the weather will be the real decision maker.

  2. Al Kash says

    Must say I was rather confused myself about this,, Albany’s braintrust working overtime,,,

  3. Stan Johnson says

    Sorry, a die is six sides, while dice are twelve. The solution could be a Skype conference hookup on a big screen inside the Palace or Convention Center…

  4. Ralph Renna says

    Capital Underground was invited to help out more this year and able to choose to bands Karmas army and Catching Cadence- sorry BLOTTO slipped my mind.

    plus they gave us a side stage to fill in between main stage with DAVID FEY, OLIVIA QUILLIO, HARDSOUL, JB AKA DIRTY MOSES – AWAR – LET GO DAYLIGHT AND THE LATENT


  5. Andrew Gregory says

    No one involved with was asked to offer selections or suggestions.

  6. Home Boy says

    Ralph give it up. You’re not the region’s tastemaker that you think you are.

  7. Ryan Slowey says

    The concept of “local legends” being nonsense notwithstanding, give some examples of who you guys (nippertown) think should be on this, before you take a steamy dump on all the bands that are a part of this.

  8. Chuckles says

    All of this is cringe-worthy but the reality is that none of these people could even come close to qualifing as ‘local legends’. An easy fix is for the powers that be to change the name of the festival or do some damn homework before they book a bunch of people who’ve either been in the local music scene for all of 0-2 years or is a legend in his own mind. This isn’t to take anything away from the bands booked- the Chronicles and Eastbound Jesus are quality acts- but a ‘legend’ can only exist if they’ve been in the scene for decades, not a couple of years.

  9. TL says

    One definition of legend: “an extremely famous or notorious person, esp. in a particular field”. Again, nothing against any of the bands on this bill ( I have only seen two of them and heard of only three), but they don’t seem to fit this definition. The organizers just need another name for this event that does not utilize the overused word: legend. Or, actually book a few artists that the term applies to. We know Ralph was involved, but no other “local music critics, bloggers and radio hosts” have stepped up to support their choices here. Dare I say “politics..” may have been involved.

  10. GerryMac says

    A few things: Ralph has a point in that like everyone in the scene, he’s making his way through, doing the best he can, etc. You have to give him credit for working hard in the scene.

    Although the name “Local Legends Live” is a bit much to take, the performers on the bill definitely don’t carry the same elitist vibe of those on the Restfest bill.

    Finally, didn’t the Jazz festival book that weekend first?

  11. Freddie Mayles says

    If we’re pointing fingers at crying babies, I think you, Ralph, might want to look in the mirror. I know you’re a big supporter of the scene but the name “Local Legends Live” is ludicrous. I’ve never heard of any of these bands.

  12. Greg says


    First, let me say that I have long admired and respected the passion and dedication that you have devoted to the local music scene. Your support has been invaluable over the years.

    But I believe that you have misinterpreted some of the points that I was trying to make in my article. In no way was I disparaging any of the bands who are scheduled to perform at Local Legends Live. Quite the contrary. In fact, had Nippertown been approached about suggestions for a local music festival, Eastbound Jesus would likely have been at the top of my list.

    But I do have a problem with the name of the fest. It’s a poorly chosen title, which I initially pointed out when last year’s inaugural Local Legends Live fest was announced. Words have meanings, and “legends” or even “local legends” simply doesn’t apply here. In this case, alliteration for alliteration’s sake is misleading at best.

    And, yes, I’m disappointed that the fest organizers decided to bring in an out-of-towner to headline an event named Local Legends Live. Especially a performer who has already been showcased at several big outdoor events – the River Street Fest in Troy and LarkFest in Albany – in the past couple of years.

    No disrespect to Michael Doughty, but I think it sends the wrong message to the area’s casual music fans – that the Capital Region’s homegrown music scene isn’t strong enough to stand on its own and attract a sufficient crowd. I disagree with that assumption.

    The other major problem I have with the fest is the scheduling. I know that every promoter and their mother wants to snag those oh-so-valuable early September weekend dates when the weather is still warm and the much-sought-after college crowd is finally back in town. But, really, three music festivals on the same day in downtown Albany? It just seems as though somehow/somewhere there ought to be some sort of scheduling co-ordination going on, but it’s quite obvious that there’s not.

    The New York State-sponsored Local Legends Live is competing with the City of Albany-sponsored Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival and the B3nson Recording Company/Historic Albany Foundation-sponsored Restoration Festival. All are very exciting events and worthy of attendance, and I know that Local Legend Live wasn’t the last fest to lay claim to the September 8 date because I announced it back in early June. And I certainly didn’t mean to saddle it with all of the blame. But as a music fan, it’s incredibly frustrating when this happens. Here are three events (not to mention Sean Rowe’s CD release party at Valentine’s) that I’d love to attend, but they’re all happening on the same day, and I can’t be everywhere.

    In your CRUMBS blog posting you mentioned “unity” and wrote, “I thought we were in this together.” But if we were really in this together, don’t you think that it would make more sense to spread these events out a bit more so that the three fests – all of which feature local musicians – wouldn’t be competing against each other for the same audience on the same day?

    I hope I’ve helped to clarify for you some of the points that I was trying to make in my original story. Please get in touch if there’s anything I can do to help. I’ve got my fingers crossed for good weather on September 8, and I hope that Local Legends Live is a major success. I’m hoping to stop by catch a couple of the bands – especially the ones that I haven’t previously had a chance to see.

    Greg Haymes

    PS – Thanks for the heads-up on the second stage action for Local Legends Live. It isn’t listed anywhere on the website. Does the second stage start at 12noon? The Local Legends Live website at the NYS Office of General Services says the fest starts at 2pm.

  13. Ralph Renna says

    really all of you take a nap.. bottom line is Greg Announced show and then got emotional forgot his meds and shit on the show… thanks for the plug !… and fake screen names im not impressed!

  14. Normando says

    Regardless, it’s better than the initial line-up, which seemingly stressed only the “local legend” part:

    The Wellington
    The Lumpen Proles
    Zombie Howard Tupper

  15. TL says

    I agree with Greg that Ralph does great things in support of local music. I also agree with him that this is a stupid name for the event and that having Mike Doughty headlining a “Local Legends” show takes away from the fact that there is talent here in the Capital Region that could be headlining. Does anyone not agree with these points?

    I think it is unfair for Ralph to take personal stabs at Greg (forgot his meds etc..) for simply stating these facts while giving the event coverage, something that I am sure Nippertown will also do the week of the event. Greg never dumped on any of the fine bands playing this event. I am a big fan of Charmboy and feel all of these bands are deserving of the exposure this show may bring to them, despite the name. Ralph on the other hand in his TU blog accuses the many bands scheduled for Rest Fest as being “elitist”. Not exactly the local team spirit we are talking about.

    There is an old saying that when in a band, or in this case a promoter, never respond to a negative review. It is a sign of weakness. Although it may have worked in this case. This post would have been history days ago if not for all of these comments, thus giving the event even more coverage.

    I for one am glad that Nippertown speaks its mind rather than just reprinting press releases. Ralph maybe you should be asking OGS why your side stage bands and start time it not listed on their site, or in their press releases? You are getting the press and exposure here…

  16. TL says

    I want to make one correction to my comment. I am not seeing the “elitist” comment on the TU blog. It may have been on a FB post. I have read a lot about this event in the last few days and might have confused where I saw it, but I did read the comment online. It may have been taken down.

  17. TL says

    I now see that the “elitist” comment was made in a comment above, by a third party, not by RR. So my apologize on that to him.

  18. Stan Johnson says

    Wow, 19 comments, including two I made, about one story. This maybe a nippertown record. Apparently people do care, so imagine if all this time and effort were put into submissions of stories, pictures, and reviews of everything happening on the same day, including some stuff that isn’t mentioned above. Why, it boggles my easily boggled mind.

  19. James from Smittix says

    Should still be a good one…Eastbound Jesus, Catching Cadence, and Karma’s Army are all great. Go see them! Also afterwards hit up Valentines for Smittix, Hard Soul, and Bone Thrower to keep the night going!

  20. Pocalate Chopsicle says

    It’s a shame that Rayford Faulkener isn’t playing this event. A real local legend!!

  21. Trike Mashed. says

    How about The Erotics ? Local, legendary, and a good following overseas!!

  22. kev says

    I am glad the legend Raymond Faulkner is not invited just because his name is “the legend.”. Eastbound jesuses are good and I support local music 100percents. Moe is good and conehead buddah and trey anstanazios would be local legends someone should have invited but they are probably on a big tour like rock stars!
    I will keep practicing and will hopefully have a electric rock band that will hopefully be invited to “local legends” next summer!
    The rumors are not true that my new electric rock bands name is “Westbound Satan”.
    Rock on

  23. Mike H says

    Ah, is the Legend’s real name (Raymond Faulkner)? When i knew him, he was going by the nom de plume “George Harrison” – good pedigree there! and he is indeed a local legend (among many others we’ve been blessed with).

  24. kev says

    I hope the Living Legends goes good so local rock music can stay alive.
    Ralph does a great job and I have talked to him about gigs and he promotes the scene great.

    Now that some “guy” from “long Island” shut down Savannahs who knows where local musicians can go to watch Inky Salad and Eastbound Jesus rock out at a live concert gig. Stheve Barnes Table Hopping said he thought it was a bad sign. He didn’t say it to me but I read it.
    I always loved playing my acoustic gigs at Savannahs. I always wanted to play there at least and think I was just about to get a wednesday gig to play there for real. Not just watching the open mic night from the crowd.
    Hopefully next year I will play the local legends concert gig. Thank you stheve barnes table hopping for letting me know.
    There are other places to play anyway like the living legends gig.
    Rock on

  25. Stan Johnson says

    Just to add another deer into the works, it appears that there is a show for kids at the TU center that same day. Six-year-old Abigail knows who Rocky is (and I know who Curious George is), so it should add some more traffic and parking issues to the Albany bound.

  26. MikeTrash says

    Mike Doughty is the wrong headliner for this festival, when the Erotics are the real headliners. Why? Because, I Mike Trash, singer and guitarist of the Erotics, have a huge ego that’s the size of a dinosaur. I must warn you though, I have three different kind of obsessions. 1) Wheel chairs 2) Pigs 3) Picking on Kev. Those are the three reasons alone, why I deserve this opportunity.


  27. Casey Rybacks says

    Wow, Mike Trash has an eagle the size of a dinosaur ? He must be some kind of magician!!

  28. kev says

    This festival rock show gig is for the good of local legends (but NOT ray faulkner) and live local musicians who play live mucic.
    The kids show and other things are not good for local rock gigs so I will go to the local legends live rock gig indeed. Hopefully I can talk to someone about my electric rock band playing next year. I just need a bass player and a drummer and a guitar player and some keyboards.
    I’m thinking of naming the band Squalodactyl Chair to go with the giant-eagle-dinosaur-in-a-spaz-chariot rock opera concept album I am writing. I am a writer too.
    See you at local legends !!
    Rock on

  29. kev says

    I’m sorry I said this was a “s-h-i-t blog” because it is really a good one I was reading right from the beginning before anyone anywhere. . .
    I was just defending EBJ (east bound jesus)—my cousin wears the cowboy hat.
    I would even love to be a guest blogger at NT (nippertown)!
    I was voted best blog by another entertainment paper so maybe it could happen! Woot!
    I always know to be mature and get along. Ask the GFB (glens falls boards) guys. We had a fued and are all cool now.
    I had a fued before with the legend, penny lane at the hudson duster, the city of nottingham england (over in the UK of england and britain), a local glam sleaze punk band, the town of greenwhich parks department, nico toscani, casey ryback, the catskill game farm and the lady at the lenscrafters in saratoga. But all of us all buried the hatchet and are real cool and are all friends now!
    I don’t have a problem with NT (nippertown) at all and it is cool you guys linked to my blog.
    See you at local legends rock gig!!
    Rock on

  30. MikeTrash says

    I like to pick on Kev so much, that the Erotics are planning to write a whole concept album on him. Why? Because I love the attention I’m getting off of Kev and it helps promote the Erotics that way.


  31. MikeTrash says

    I’m great ’cause I stole the look of Nikki Sixx and ripped off the sound from Alice Cooper. I am the local shock rocker. Hell, the Erotics have been banned from playing London ’cause even the Brits know we’re a bunch of alcoholics who wear eye liner and punk clothing. I once tried to steal “Born In the USA” and almost got sued from the Boss. So here’s more evidence, that I am the rock n’ roll legend.


  32. Squeal Chair says

    Hey Kev!!!


  33. Leonard Skintard says

    Kev Brock is an indian….he’s only swinging of the nutsacks of that stupid hippie jam band is because his cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, other is in that band.

  34. Trev Brock says

    Leave Kev alone!!!

  35. Bev Brock says

    He’s one of us!!

  36. Wes Brock says

    Back off, I’m serious!!

  37. TheRealKevHere says

    Before slamming EBJ or criticizing them, you should come out to the Putnam Den tonight and see what they’re all about. They’ll rock your socks off, and you won’t be disappointed. The road trip will be worth it.

    Everyone should come out, I’ll be there.

  38. TheSquealKevHere says

    No thank you.

  39. TheRealKevHere says

    Actually, two of Eastbound Jesus members already opened for the Erotics like 7 years ago, remember that Squeal? Remember the Hudson Duster show we all did together, yeah? Brother T and Teenage Casket Company were a part of it. I still have the pics on disc, and I could put up on my blog.

  40. JES says

    From my era in Albany (1992-2011), a “Local Legends” show would need to include Clay People, Lughead, One King Down, Section 8, Subduing Mara, Kamikaze Hearts and one of Stephen Gaylord’s bands (Beef, Wasted or Gay Tastee) to really earn that title . . .

    But I say that with a lot of affection and respect for Ralph Renna, who seems to be on the other side of this spat . . . I spent a LOT of evenings at a LOT of hardcore shows in the ’90s hanging out with Ralph, and I know that he really does work hard on behalf of the scene that moves him . . . he’s a good dude, and I’d be happy to have him working his magic in Des Moines . . .

  41. TheSquealKevHere says

    That’s it, I’m deleting everyone in Nottingham, then I’m going to put up another anti haters blog but will block comments on it!!

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