Say Goodbye to Savannah’s/Dublin Underground…

You can add Savannah’s/Dublin Underground to the growing list of downtown Albany nightspots to shutter their doors…

Yes, Savannah’s will be closing for good on Monday night (August 27), following a final 8pm performance at the venue by the Bing Bamboo Room Burlesque.

Savannah’s has regularly hosted such events as Bandaoke with the Ruddys, Ralph Renna’s Capital Underground Live showcases and the monthly Bing Bamboo Room shows hosted by emcee Guy Smiley.

Other downtown nightspots that have closed this summer include the R Bar (in June) and Jillian’s (earlier this month). The Brown Derby is also slated to close after serving dinner on Saturday night (August 25).

Steve Barnes’ story at Table Hopping

  1. Rudy says

    Honestly, Savannah’s was never the same after Laura P. departed as its owner a few years ago. I found the renovation cold and gaudy–the old place had real charm. Laura booked great local and national bands, too, and it was like having a party in a really big living room. Where else could you see Blotto, Scotty Mac and the Rockin’ Bonnevilles, and Rocky Velvet (esp. on Halloween) rock out till well past two in the morning? Where else could you see Big Sandy and the Fly Rite Boys, Phillip Walker, Kirsten Thien and a slew of other extraordinary bands from coast to coast? The women tending the bar back then were angels, good-looking and cordial, too.

    The subsequent “Dublin Underground” moniker was a harbinger.

  2. Tony Jones (Bassist-PKB) says

    SELF-SERVING NONSENSE FOLLOWS: It will forever hold a special place in my heart as the venue where the Penny Knight Band did their 25th anniversary reunion gig.

    We will always be indebted to the club, Ralph Renna for booking it and for Greg Haymes, suffering a momentary lapse in judgment, for attending the show and then, while still apparently in the throes of that lapse, reviewing it.

    Sad to see another venue in Albany shuttered.

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