Randy Jackson, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson

“`Meet the Beatles.’ And the first concert I ever went to was a Beatles concert down in New Orleans. And I remember the girl who bought me the single, `I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ and `I Saw Her Standing There.’

I bought my first Zeppelin album at a 7-11 kind of store near my house. They had a small record bin in there, and I was just browsing through the bin. I didn’t know what I was buying, but I just grabbed two records. One was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s `Born On the Bayou,’ and the other was `Led Zeppelin II.’

The only reason I bought them was because of the covers. I didn’t know what I was buying. CCR had that really splashy cover, and I thought that was wild. And I think I bought `Led Zeppelin II’ because I could tell it was a rock album, but it looked like they had a picture of Lucille Ball on the cover. It was just so weird, I said, `You know, I gotta check this out.’ That’s why I bought it.

Man, you just never know…”

The powerhouse voice of Randy Jackson – the singer-guitarist with the rock group Zebra; not the “pitchy, dawg” judge from “American Idol” – will be featured in “The Music of Led Zeppelin: A Rock Symphony” at the Belleayre Music Festival at Belleayre Mountain in Highmount at 8pm on Saturday (September 1). In addition to Jackson, the performance will feature Brent Havens conducting the Belleayre Festival Orchestra as they perform 18 Led Zep classics. Tix are $25, $36, $46, $56 & $66.

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  1. Stan Johnson says

    I believe the American Idol Randy Jackson is quite a bass player, something you’d never learn from the show, and maybe the most talented of all of the superstar front men and women so far to judge on the show. Check it out for yourself.

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