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From Berkshire On Stage: Larry Murray takes a look at the potential effects of the upcoming presidential election on funding for the arts.

From Indie Moines: The ever eclectic former Albanian J. Eric Smith weighs in with “My 100 Favorite Albums Ever (2012 Update),” a list that’s sure to spark some conversation and likely quite a few trips to Spotify… NOTE: Albums by homegrown Nippertown musicians Jed Davis, Gay Tastee, Hanslick Rebellion and Kamikaze Hearts all made Smith’s final cut…

From the Literary Rogue: Local 518 poet R.M. Engelhardt has launched a “new online, fancy shmancy electronic type e-zine which will feature the poetry, art, short stories, reviews and photography of new as well as old established word & visual artists in an old-school style which will celebrate both the past and present of such great genres as noir, pulp, steam-punk, the classic literary drunkard, naughty romance and mostly decadence with a little debauchery added in as well at it’s finest!” This week’s Literary Rogue of the Week is Ambrose Bierce…

From Keep Albany Boring: Andrew’s Kitten Cam!

From Foss Forward: With the summer music season coming to an unofficial end this Labor Day weekend, Sara Foss takes a look at the equally rich fall concert calendar and cherry-picks a bakers’ dozen of her favorites.

From just about everywhere: The reviews are in, and there’s no doubt about it. In the one-man play “Satchmo at the Waldorf” – at Shakespeare & Co. in Lenox through Sunday, September 16 – John Douglas Thompson delivers a stunning, must-see, tour de force performance. A sampling – Bob Goepfert’s review at The Troy Record; Scott Baldinger’s review at Rural Intelligence; Seth Rogovoy’s review at the Rogovoy Report; Michael Eck’s review at The Times Union

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  1. JES says

    Thanks, as always, for kind linkage . . . shall I send you a “Best of the The Good Rats” mix tape as a testament to my ongoing appreciation for Nippertown?

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