LIVE: Cathy @ Bearsville Theater, 9/14/12

Review and video by Joel Patterson

There’s a certain kind of geekiness that’s quite at home with blistering power-pop.

Remember, geeks are good with obsessions – find one who’s obsessed with delivering short, sweet, raging tributes to testosterone, the tribulations of twenty-something-dom and maybe even true love, and you’ve probably found Jeremy Willis, who brought his Brooklyn quartet Cathy up to the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock last Friday night to open for the Catbirds.

Jeremy is none other than the nephew of Catbirds bassist, the legendary Chandler Travis. But the kid has a winning way of his own that’s highly infectious.

“We are Cathy,” Willis said, introducing the band, “and so are you.”

  1. Denise Borden says

    We’ve had the good fortune of having seen “Cathy” open for The Catbirds on a couple of occasions -both at The Beachcomber Wellfleet MA for the first of The Catbirds CD release parties, and again last weekend in Woodstock at Bearsville Theater ..They were dynamic on both occasions with Jeremy Willis bursting with enthusiastic delivery of each powerful song…so enthusiastic in fact that his finger tips were bleeding by the end of their amazing set at the Beachcomber ! Thank You Joel Patterson for sharing this video and for introducing Nippertown to “Cathy” and Jeremy Willis..let’s hope we have an opportunity to welcome this fine Brooklyn Band back to the Captial District “Nippertown ” before too long !

  2. Mike La Duke says

    A fine band indeed. I note as Machine Gun Music………and that’s a positive. Great energy and yes, no doubt, Jeremy is surely related to Chandler as they share a similar hair style and terrific musical style. Humor is good. Travel up the Hudson boys!

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