LIVE: Chandler Travis Philharmonette @ Peint O Gwrw, 9/22/12

Review by Joel Patterson and Denise Borden
Video by Joel Patterson

In the spirit of cover versions that meet or exceed the original, better put another notch in your lipstick case for the Chandler Travis Philharmonette’s “Cry Baby Cry.” The CTP’ette has championed this obscure late-’60s tune from the all-but-unknown duo of Van & Titus ever since longtime friend/musician Christine Ohlman, the “Saturday Night Live” beehive queen singer, played it for him after she uncovered it while rummaging through boxes of records at a yard sale. Christine, like Chandler, adored the song from first listen. So much so that she went on to record it in a powerful performance with her guest singer Dion on her most recent album “The Deep End.”

And as Travis explains, Van & Titus “only did two singles, ever, in their whole lives. When you think about it – this is only one of four songs these guys put out – it just breaks your heart.” Heartbreak never felt so good. They performed at the Peint O Gwrw under the adoring gaze of owners Tom and Lynne Hope. Sound reinforcement by Rob Caldwell. Often hosting music on Friday nights and some Saturdays, Peint o Gwrw is a Welsh pub on Main Street in Chatham, proudly sporting an eclectic pub menu and an extensive beer list, to drown your sorrows…

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