New Release Rack: The Rooftrees’ “Introducing the Rooftrees”

The Rooftrees: Introducing the Rooftrees
Introducing the Rooftrees

The Rooftrees celebrate the release of their debut recording, Introducing the Rooftrees, with a CD release party at Club Helsinki in Hudson at 8pm on Thursday (October 4). The Rooftrees will be opening for the ever-popular Wiyos. Tix are $15.

The band first came together two years ago when singer-guitarist Chris Neumann (of Citizens Band) teamed up with three members of Simples Machines – singer-guitarist Ki Light, drummer Ian Solomon and bassist Ray Longstar – churning out a sound they describe as “country-folk-punk-rock.”

As Neumann explains, “This band is not the new breed, we aren’t the popular upstarts. My fluorescent cap is for hunting, so people with guns can see me in the woods. We aren’t from the ‘nothing means anything’ generation; we are from the generation that straddled the changeover from hard copy. When we were children and even teens, phones had busy signals and the answering machine was a new invention. The world wasn’t so geared toward teaching consumption. Our music comes from experience. We are an amalgam: four musicians with four sets of influences teaming up to create something bigger.”

The Rooftrees’ debut album features seven studio tracks and wraps up with a live version of “Philly Rotgut Whiskey” that was recorded during a performance at Club Helsinki earlier this year.

Here’s the track listing for Introducing the Rooftrees:

Little Lost
Long Second Wind
Thinkin Bout You
Ann You Want To
My Baby
Tomorrow’s Fuel
Philly Rotgut Whiskey

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