New Release Rack: Erin Powers’ “Pretty Green Eyes”

Erin Powers
Erin Powers
Review by Matt Mac Haffie

Erin Powers
Pretty Green Eyes
Orphic Records, 2012

Erin Powers’ debut album, Pretty Green Eyes, is a no-frills gem. Many of the 14 songs that comprise this CD started as poems that evolved into songs, including the stand-out-track “Warrior Woman” (where Erin turns the anger of a break-up into a statement of self empowerment) and “Summer Fling” (where all of her self-doubt exposes an open heart… scars and all).

Primarily a storyteller, Erin explores the outsider’s point of view from her front-row-seat, left-of-center. Give a quick listen to “Miss Misfit” or the album’s final track, “My World,” for the proof.

Not without a partner in sound, Erin’s sound is bolstered by Ben McLoughlin, who not only produced the disc, but also provides a spare, tip-toe-drumming underpinning – as well as a hint of bass – to support Erin’s strong yet vulnerable vocals.

The whole affair comes beautifully packaged with terrific photos inside and out.

She slipped into the headlining slot at More Bread & Jam’s grand opening weekend earlier this month, but sometimes young coffee-house song-slingers don’t get a decent shake, despite years of dues paying.

Erin’s done her time over the years – from Caffé Lena open mics to the farmers markets of Menands – so make the effort to see her serve up a piping hot live set at 7pm on Friday (October 12) at the Happy Cappuccino in Schenectady. You won’t be disappointed…

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