Coincidence Or Not?: A Near Soul Coughing Collision

Soul Coughing
Soul Coughing

As Arsenio Hall used to say, it was one of those “things that make you go… hmmm?”

Last Friday night, former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty was doing his duo thing as the headliner at the re-scheduled, free “Local Legends Live” festival at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany. Despite the fact that he is neither local nor, well, whatever…

Meanwhile on the same night at the same time just a couple of blocks away at the Palace Theatre, former Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian Steinberg was in the spotlight holding forth on both electric and acoustic bass with both headliner Fiona Apple and opening act Blake Mills.

However, it’s not likely that they got together after their respective gigs to reminisce about the good old Soul Coughing glory days of the ’90s over a pile of chicken wings at McGeary’s.

These days, in interview after interview, Doughty seems to have an almost pathological disdain for all things Soul Coughing, despite the fact that at least half of his recently published memoir, “The Book of Drugs,” rehashes his Soul Coughing experience. In one of the passages from his book, Doughty describes Steinberg and the other members of Soul Coughing as a “horrible band of torturers and cockroaches.”


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  1. Rick Reuben says

    It’s funny that the eccentric (polite way of saying unstable and insane) Fiona Apple recently said in a concert, “Everyone should be in a band”. And she is in a band with this Sebastian. I’m assuming if you can get along with Fiona, you probably are an easy going person who is willing to put up with some shit. Which makes me think Doughty might be at fault here. Imagine an egotistical frontman?

    I thought Fiona and her crew put on a very good show at the Palace. Haven’t seen any local reviews yet. The band was a bit too much of time and I could’ve used more of just fiona and her piano but overall it was very good. And the cover song she closed with revealed some serious pipes.

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