Rush of New Films Heighten Battle for 2012 Oscar Noms [Berkshire on Stage]

As we begin the journey into winter, all the really good films that have been held back for the past six months will be released as we draw closer to the 2013 Academy Awards. Some think the year has been lackluster, but the best is always saved for last.

Ben Afleck’s Argo – a contender for best picture – is now playing in most first run theatres. Coming soon is the painterly Life of Pi (Nov. 21), Steven Spielberg’s solidly reliable Lincoln (Nov. 9) and Bradley Cooper’s offbeat Silver Linings Playbook (Nov 21) next in line. So close to Halloween, they are competing with less worthy (but popular nevertheless) entries like Sinister and Silent Hill which won’t make anyone’s award list, trust me.

December will see Les Miserables, though dates shift constantly in the unpredictable world of film. For one thing, the Academy moved up its deadline for nomination votes to Jan 3. This is challenging for late arriving movies. Last year, the ballots were due back on Jan. 13, which provided significantly more time for voters to see films that came out during the lucrative end-of-year holiday period.

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