New Release Rack: The Lazy Suns

The Lazy Suns

They put their considerable collective musical talents together for the first time less than two years ago, but the members of the Lazy Suns are all Local 518 veterans with so many twisted roots and branches on the Capital Region music scene that it might take days to fully construct their convoluted family tree.

Vocalist-guitarist Marc Clayton took his previous band Tern Rounders in more of a Flying Burrito Brothers direction – or perhaps more accurately in a Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris mode, in conjunction with his vocal partner Kim Kilby. But here with the Lazy Suns’ self-titled debut EP, he splits the songwriting credits with vocalist-bassist Jeff Sohn, and the major influences seem to lean more toward the Byrds, Tom Petty and the Jayhawks, along with a healthy dose of vintage British Invasion.

There’s still a considerable (and very welcome) amount of twang in the mix, thanks in large part to pedal steel guitarist Rick Morse (another former Tern Rounder and ex Coal Palace Kings) and guitarist Larry Winchester (another ex-Coal Palace King). But the rhythm section of Sohn (yet another ex-Coal Palace King) and drummer Brad Jarvis (oh, never mind, this is just getting too complicated) packs a great big punch that anchors all of the many splendored hooks and infectious riffs.

The disc only offers a half-dozen songs, but they’re all winners. And there’s plenty of delightful ear candy here from the Traveling Wilburys-esque “Last Train Home” to “Start All Over” (featuring a very Badfinger-like guitar solo); from the shimmering “Brand New Lovers” with jangling guitars that owe as much to the Searchers as they do to Roger McGuinn) to the choodling, big-bash, semi-snarl of “Hard to Be Human” to the closing, turbulent “Troubled Sea” (sounding something like Grant Lee Philips fronting the Waterboys).

Catchy stuff, all…

The Lazy Suns celebrate the release of their eponymous debut EP with a CD release party at the Ale House in Troy at 9pm on Saturday (November 17).

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