EMPAC at RPI Announces Spring Schedule of Concerts & Events

EMPAC at RPI in Troy has announced its schedule of concerts, performances, screenings and other events for it spring 2013 season, and as expected, it looks as though there are plenty of intriguing (and sometimes baffling) evenings of adventure ahead of us next year.

Go here to see the complete EMPAC at RPI schedule. But here are a few of the more interesting events that caught our eye (and ear):

Kris Verdonck + Alix Eynaudi’s “Exit”
Friday, January 25, 7pm, FREE
You won’t have to be embarrassed when you fall asleep during “Exit.” Belgian artist Kris Verdonck and choreographer Alix Eynaudi steer the audience’s perception by playing with basic theatrical elements such as light, sound, movement, language and scenography. What value does our society attach to relaxation, rest, silence, sleep, and laziness? Are we not caught up more than ever in the relentlessness of production and consumption? These are the central themes behind this research and performance. You are invited to become co-conspirators in this experiment. Pillows will be provided…

“Holy Mountain”
Thursday, February 21, 7:30pm, $6
Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky (“El Topo”), “Holy Mountain” sparked a riot at its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 1973 and has been the source of controversy ever since. The film creates an uncompromising vision of the rituals and power of religion and Western desires for Eastern spirituality through beautiful, fantastic and visceral images. Inspired by St. John of the Cross’ “Ascent of Mount Carmel” and René Daumal’s “Mount Analogue,” it depicts a group of individuals on a quest for enlightenment and immortality through a journey to a holy mountain that is said to unite heaven and earth.

Radiohole’s “Inflatable Frankenstein”
Friday, March 22, 8pm, $18; seniors & students $13
Inspired by meditations on horror films, the work of Antonin Artaud and Ardunio open-source electronics, Radiohole’s “Inflatable Frankenstein” is a visually and sonically driven performance based on Mary Shelley’s early life and her novel “Frankenstein.”

Peter Evans Quintet
Friday, March 29, 8pm, $18; seniors & students $13
Taking jazz ensembles into the 21st century, trumpeter-composer Peter Evans and his band incorporate real-time sound processing with traditional instruments. These live electronics allow the group to change their sound fluidly from mellow tones to jagged rattling to cacophonous reverberation. The quintet draws on traditional jazz idioms as source material and contorts them into something resembling classical European avant-garde—complete with complex rhythms played with pinpoint accuracy and confounding extended techniques.

Selections from the Quay Brothers’ “Phantom Museums”
Thursday, April 18, 7:30pm, $6
Featuring selections from the Quay Brothers’ compendium of short films, “Phantom Museums” spans their 30-year career. Renowned for their unparalleled contributions to the field of puppet film, identical twins Stephen and Timothy Quay combine visual, literary, musical, and philosophical influences with a singular sensibility. Inspired by the films of Jan Svankmajer and Jiri Barta, the Quay Brothers bring together the quaintness and delicacy of early animation with painstakingly hand assembled sets in their films.

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  1. Bill says

    Think they could use a new program director, for music at least. I’m pretty broad minded but I’ve only seen one thing of interest at EMPAC ever – Bela Fleck’s Africa Project which sold out before I got tickets.

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